Important Insurance Notice

A message from Dr. Samantha Durland (pdf)

SIMPLE No Longer Accepts Insurance


We believe we need to take all approaches into consideration regarding treatment plans for patients. Dr. Durland’s proven and effective practice philosopy melds holistic, functional medicine, Westernized traditional medicine, diet and exercise theory to create customized wellness programs for her clients. Commercial insurance does not cover all of these options. Therefore, to make an individualized program, we have to have all options open.

May you submit your visit to your insurance?

Here is how: Visit the website of your insurance company to print the out-of-network form and attach it to the form that we will provide. Submit both to your insurance company to determine if they will reimburse you, and if your claim is covered by your plan. If it is determined by your provider that you are eligible for a reimbursement, they will send it to you directly. It is that easy!

Forms for your convenience:

Are prescriptions, labs, sonograms, etc., still covered by my insurance?

In many cases, YES. This is because the lab or radiology department has the contract with your commercial insurance company. If they deem that the service is “medically necessary” then they will “cover it”. Please note that “covering it” does not mean that they will pay for it- these charges can apply to your deductible, etc. Please check with your insurance company individually for more details.

What is our fee schedule?
  • New patient visits are $200 (includes free nurse intake visit so we really get to know you).
  • Follow-up visits $125.
  • Wellness annual visits $150 (well woman exam included for women - pap sent separately).
  • Urgent care visits with nurse $60 (UTI, vaginitis, etc).
  • Urgent care visit with Dr. Durland $75.
  • We have an expanded fee schedule in the office for review that is available upon request. We have reduced costs to pass the savings on to you.
  • We have labs that you may pay cash for as well, and these prices are also available. You may find that cash paying for labs is often times less expensive than going though insurance.
  • We also have some meds available in the office now - so that you can come in, be seen, and walk out with your scripts.

The objective of these changes is to provide our patients with value, and honor your time. The changes will simultaneously save you time and money; while enabling us to provide you with the very best wellness care available.