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  • Are you tired, have no energy and just feel ‘not like yourself’?

  • Are you frustrated going to doctors that can’t quite pinpoint what is wrong with you?

  • Do you need a fresh perspective on your healthcare challenges?

  • Are you ready to take a brilliant leap forward to a healthier and happier life?

Learn how Dr. Samantha Durland can help you regain your health and happiness

“Classic medicine strives to treat what is wrong with a person with a medication to help with the symptom, often not focusing on the whole-person and the systemic causes of an illness.

As my life and practice has continued, I have come to realize that our bodies are truly amazing. We are composed of a network of amazing cells and systems linked and honed – perfected by nature.

Symptoms are a ‘voice’ your Body has for a process underneath. You fix the ‘why’ the symptoms are there, and you can then use the strength of nature to help you get better. In my practice, I have learned to listen to, and trust nature.

Nature has helped us live for thousands of years; we have outlived the dinosaurs—pairing with nature’s healing capacity is extremely powerful. As a Western-trained medical doctor, I also acknowledge, and apply the proven benefits of Westernized-traditional medical science and theory.

I do not see Western and holistic perspectives as exclusive from each other, they must and can work together.

This concept is the cornerstone of my practice. I am passionate about combining both holistic and Western approaches. My practice philosophy hinges on the concept that we bring the Body back to a state where it functions better.

My Wellness Team evaluates your specific metabolic make-up, we then apply that knowledge to create your customized wellness plan. In time, your Body can restore optimal cell function; as nature intended it to do. I have proven that there are seven SIMPLE wellness functions; I have named my SIMPLE 7, or the 7 Es. When these functions are supported, maintained, and held in equilibrium, the Body can repair itself.

In essence, we all are ‘born perfect’! Our bodies and minds are capable of amazing and powerful self-healing, rejuvenating capabilities. My proven 7-point system will steer your body function back to the ideal health you were born to attain.

We have helped thousands of patients restore their ideal health by simplifying and customizing the process of including wellness into their daily lives.“

–Dr. Samantha Durland