Simple Weight Loss Program

Learn the WHY and HOW

When all is in sync, the body is strong and centered and weight actually easily falls away. This is because stress causes the body to protect itself. But you de-stress the body – it always wants you to be the strongest leanest version of yourself – after all, you did come from nature.

We are equipped to help people with the inside and the out. We develop a customized program to create a metabolic, dietary, exercise overhaul, for your body, beginning with a customized body composition analysis and blood work. Our objective is to learn WHY your body is putting on the fat, and change it. Yes, it really is that SIMPLE.

“As my life and practice has continued, I have come to realize that our bodies are truly amazing. We are composed of a network of amazing cells and systems linked and honed – perfected by nature.” -Dr. Sam Durland

Expect Amazing Results with the Simple Weight Loss Program

Learn how to increase your metabolism, control your appetite and find the strongest, leanest version of yourself. The Simple Wellness team will help you make SIMPLE changes with big results. Results that include:

• Sustainable weight loss

• Increased energy

• Improved strength at any age

• Increased metabolism

• Modified behaviors

• Appetite control

About the program

Our program includes:

  • Initial consultation with a Simple Wellness Nurse
  • Comprehensive blood work 
  • Consultation with Dr. Durland
  • Body composition analysis
  • Customized Simple Weight Loss Plan
  • Simple 7-day detox
  • Weekly check-ins with the Simple Wellness Team (by text, phone, email)
  • Medications/Supplements monitoring
  • Exercise prescription review
  • Monthly appointment with our Behavior Health Specialist
  • Nutrition support


  • Evaluation- $550 plus
  • 12 month maintenance program $199/month ($2200 for the year)

Includes milestone achievement bonuses:

  • 6-month anniversary- FREE Hydrafacial of your choice ($125-$150 value).
  • 12-month anniversary- FREE IV Revive Therapy ($125 value).