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Welcome to the SIMPLE SHOP. Dr. Durland has created a custom blend of ELEMENTS and SUPPLEMENTS to help fortify your body and keep you running in top-shape. We only use and recommend products that we believe in and trust. As we age we also need extra elements, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep us strong and functioning optimally. Dr. Durland can help you find the perfect combination of supplements for your goals. If you need help selecting your supplements, we can help

“Sometimes our bodies have genetic alterations that make it more difficult to use the stuff in nature as it is, and in this case, supplement it.” -Dr. Durland

About Our Products

We use and prescribe only high quality, science-based products that we believe in and trust.  Our products are professional medical grade and specifically selected by Dr. Durland with non-GMO ingredients. All products are backed by science-based research and high quality standards. Since not all supplements are the same, we make it SIMPLE to shop for products with formulations you can trust. Due to the popularity of our custom selected products, there is a maximum purchase quantity. Please contact us if you are interested in a Simple Supplement Subscription program. After all, supplement shopping should be Simple.

Skin Care Products

Epionce offers FREE shipping for Dr. Durland’s clients.


Getting the results you want is very important to us. That is why we partner with Epionce to provide you the highest-quality skin care products on the market.

Professional Grade

Epionce skincare products utilizes a unique approach to treat skin by using a concoction of active botanical ingredients. The product line encourages the improvement of the skin’s functions, strengthens its own mechanisms, and regenerates its natural barrier as it reduces inflammation. 

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