Hair regrowth made SIMPLE

There are many causes and reasons for hair loss- hormones, heredity, stress, diet, medications, trauma, age- the list goes on and on. Regardless of the root issue, hair regrowth is possible. GrowPro MAX is a propriety procedure developed by Dr. Samantha Durland to help your body regrow hair to the MAX.  Her proven technique can help make hair regrowth SIMPLE.


The GrowPro MAX procedure uses a combination of microneedling, a proprietary growth enhancement topical and several other stimulating factors.

The crucial difference between GrowPro MAX and other non-surgical hair loss treatments is how the procedure enhances your body’s own ability to regenerate and restore.

GrowPro MAX can be performed in a single treatment or in a series depending of your desired outcome. Patients can expect to see a difference within weeks. Most patients will see the improvement last for years.

No. GrowPro MAX is an outpatient procedure with no local anesthetics. Patients may experience some tingling within the treatment area.