Learn how Simple Wellness has helped our clients feel better, look better and live a life with ideal health.

Thanks, Sam, for being a doc who believes her patients! I am not afraid to tell you what’s going on – as I am with other doctors!

What can I say? Dr. Durland saved my life. Ten years post complete hysterectomy, my hormones were a mess and I was miserable. Dry skin, dry cough, dry to the point of UTI symptoms with no infection, swollen ankles, and since I also suffer from venus insufficiency, that created dermatitis and ulcers on my legs, and OAB. One month later I gave her a big hug and thank you! Three months from the first visit I asked for help with weight loss and after 23 months, I’m down 106 pounds with 34 to go. Life is great!

Lana G

Your health team is amazing. I could be having the worst day ever when I walk in by the time I leave whether it’s been 10 minutes or 40, I always feel much better about myself and life. Thank you so very much.

Dr. Durland is so knowledgeable and very helpful, she really cares about her patients.

Caprice G

Hands down the best doctor and staff I have ever had the pleasure of knowing & working with. Dr. Durland listens to you & decides with YOU, what you may need to live your best life. This continues while you are her patient. She treats each patient with respect & a caring manner because she does genuinely CARE! Her staff always returns my calls & care about me as well. Life changing staff & doctor. I don’t know where I’d be without her.

Annette H

Dr. Durland and her staff are amazing! She has truly helped me to live a happier life and I am always recommending her to my friends. I tell them what a wonderful, knowledgeable, caring and uplifting physician she is.

It’s always a great experience working with Dr. Durland and her staff. I leave feeling positive and like I am in charge of myself… I am moving foward for a better, healthier and happier middle age.

Dr Durland is one of the most caring Drs I have ever been to. Love her compassion and energy. She is easy to talk with on any subject ❤️❤️

Cherryl B

I have always been able to achieve orgasms easily with my husband that are amazing. Since Femilift, my orgasms intense, off the charts! I would highly recommend Femilift for your vaginal health, your bladder symptoms but most of all to enhance your sexual experience.

Femilift has changed my life. I no longer experience stress incontinence. Before Femilift, I would sneeze or cough and leak urine and have to wear a pad for protection. It is such a relief not having to worry about an accident but I want to share that my experience had an even greater benefit.

I am 58 years old. I first saw Sam for Femilift to help incontinence. I was also treated with hormone replacement. I was suffering from terrible host flashes. Both of those procedures helped tremendously.

My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years. We are in love but struggled in the bedroom. My husband takes medications that do not help and with myself going through menopause we were doomed. But not for long!

Sam suggested a ‘Couples Retreat’, a program offered through Simple. My husband and I arrived in Lawrence on Friday. Sam performed the Gainswave procedure for my husband. We checked into the beautiful Oread Hotel. We enjoyed cocktails, wine, and delicious Italian dinner. At this point, we would have gone back to the room and fallen asleep watching tv. Thanks to Sam and Gainswave our night ended quite differently.

Not only was Gainswave a gamechanger for our marriage, but it was an experience that we will not forget. Sam and her staff are friendly and professional. There is nothing awkward at Simple. You feel very comfortable and card for by staff. I would strongly recommend Same and her staff for anyone that wants to put intimacy and romance back into their lives. Dr. Sam is the best!

This is the first doctor I have found who actually cared about me and what she does! I been going to multiple drs trying to get answers and I went into her office for the very first time and she just knew everything. Fixed all my problems.. Made it seem so easy. She’s always so happy to see you and makes you feel comfortable. I’m lucky I found u!

April S

Dr. Durland is such a bundle of positive energy. She always has a smile and makes visits so easy and productive. Driving from Kansas City to see her is always worth my time!!

Nicole L

She is an amazing and innovative doctor who really cares about her patients! I have never felt better since starting treatment with her!

Tammy D

I love her positive energy & super easy to talk to!

Michelle H