Grooms – Wedding Wellness Services

Ensure your wedding night is full-proof and fantastic. Lean out, groom up and get well – together with your best gal! Contact us for specific services fit for every Prince Charming.

Lean Out


Lose the love handles, beer belly, and moobs before your big day! Have confidence as your take your shirt off during long walks on the beach.

Beach Bod

You are working hard on managing stress and keeping your partner happy – let us handle the rest!


Laser Hair Removal

Meet with our Dietitian to learn which foods are best for you to fuel your body for your wedding day and beyond.

Bedroom Boost

Shockwave Therapy

The ultimate performance package! Make this honeymoon one to remember with this regenerative, minimally-invasive treatment. Immediate results and no downtime!


Shock Wave Therapy

Non-invasive treatment for chronic pain or an injury related to physical activity.

IV Therapy

The wedding celebrations may last into the wee hours of the morning, making the family brunch less than pleasant. No worries -we have your hangover cure!
*Book your groomsmen for a preor post-wedding recovery party!

Rugged & Dapper


The number of men getting injections has increased by 337% since 2000. Let us know if you are interested in decreasing fine lines or wrinkles!

Gut Check

Trust Your Gut

It would never lie to you! Do you have heartburn or feel bloated after meals? We can help!

Grooming Guide

HydraFacial MD

What better way to get cameraready than with healthy skin? Hydrafacials cleanse, extract, and hydrate.

Partner Wellness

Simply Us

Wellness is better together. Meet with Dr. Durland, Dr. Easton, and Registered Dietitian Shannon Jones. The wellness team will offer support for you and your partner to help you achieve your individual and shared wellness goals!

Look and feel your best for your big Day!

Learn more or schedule your appointment today at SIMPLE or call 785-856-3030.