My Simple 7

Dr. Durland’s Ground-breaking Practice Philosophy

Daily actions to thrive in a strong, healthy, peaceful body

Our human armor evolved over thousands of years in a cave.

For millennia the cave was our home where we lived, evolved, and enjoyed a good day. Our cave dwelling body believed that 7 things make up a good day. It knew as long as 7 things were present in life, we could thrive in a strong peaceful body. I call this the mySimple 7 Principle, or the & E’s.

When one or more of these seven things is missing, our body's first response is to move away from the stress; to run. This evolved in the cave so that we got away from getting eaten. This behavior occurs naturally and without thinking. Some may call it anxiety. It is your body trying to protect you.

When the seven E’s are in-tact, is where an individual is able to attain the most powerful mental acuity, physical strength, and ideal wellness. The body is capable of amazing, rejuvenating and healing powers; this is the cornerstone of my practice philosophy. We all have this ability as we are human.

Wellness is a synchrony between mind and body. I help my patients find peace with themselves, and health restoring equilibrium by applying daily actions: the SIMPLE life-long way of thriving, not just surviving, BUT LIVING!

Our wellness team strives to help you find this place. Wellness is not simply the mental, and not just the physical. To us, it is SIMPLE. Wellness is everything all together….it is You.


About the 7 E's

  • energy

  • elements

  • esteem

  • eating

  • equilibrium

  • eliminate

  • engagement