My Simple 7

Dr. Durland’s Ground-breaking Practice Philosophy

Daily actions to thrive in a strong, healthy, peaceful body

Our human armor evolved over thousands of years in a cave.

For millennia the cave was our home where we lived, evolved, and enjoyed a good day. Our cave dwelling body believed that 7 things make up a good day. It knew as long as 7 things were present in life, we could thrive in a strong peaceful body. I call this the mySimple 7 Principle, or the & E’s.

When one or more of these seven things is missing, our body’s first response is to move away from the stress; to run. This evolved in the cave so that we got away from getting eaten. This behavior occurs naturally and without thinking. Some may call it anxiety. It is your body trying to protect you.

When the seven E’s are in-tact, is where an individual is able to attain the most powerful mental acuity, physical strength, and ideal wellness. The body is capable of amazing, rejuvenating and healing powers; this is the cornerstone of my practice philosophy. We all have this ability as we are human.

Wellness is a synchrony between mind and body. I help my patients find peace with themselves, and health restoring equilibrium by applying daily actions: the SIMPLE life-long way of thriving, not just surviving, BUT LIVING!


Our wellness team strives to help you find this place. Wellness is not simply the mental, and not just the physical. To us, it is SIMPLE. Wellness is everything all together….it is You.



Exercise and energy are in synergy. Power, strength and rejuvenation are key byproducts of movement.

Movement is a fundamental way that our body distresses. But, don’t make this too complicated – it is so simple – movement can be walking, biking, swimmming, boxing, dance, Zumba, gardening, anything…just move.

Red is the color of energy, power, and the life force. Look for the red SIMPLE icons throughout our programming and departments. SIMPLE has state-of-the-art facilities and trained Wellness and Fitness coaches that take you success personally!



Essential vitamins, supplements, minerals and water to support cell function

These elements are the essential building blocks of nature. They help restore our minds and bodies.

Orange is the color that is symbolic in nature for converting plant energy into chemical nutrients to make all matter grow and thrive. Look for the orange SIMPLE icon throughout our programs and departments. Dr. Durland has an array of supplements available for purchase in-store or online that are very top quality, not the same as you buy at the corner drug-store. Look for our SIMPLE certified orange label products.



Finding peace with oneself; a practice of self-love, confidence and spirit. Looking good often compliments feeling good, and how one presents to the world

We must have a sense of self worth and value from within. You are perfect the way you are, but if you would feel a little better with a small aesthetic adjustment to your skin or body, why not?

Yellow is the color traditionally symbolic with positivity, happiness, self-esteem and optimism. Look for the yellow SIMPLE icon throughout our programs and departments. SIMPLE provides a wide array of aesthetic and MedSpa services administered by the best-trained nurses, certified technicians, and certified aestheticians.



Consume food that is close to the earth

We must consume food that our body can use and understand. We evolved in a cave, and ate meat, vegetables, and fruits that were close to our environment. A Nutraceutical s is a food or supplement substance with health-giving additives and medicinal benefit.

Green is the color that is symbolic with with freshness, renewal and growth in nature. Look for the green SIMPLE icons throughout our programming and departments. SIMPLE wellness Team provides customized weight loss and fat loss, programs, and tailored meal tailored to your specific needs.



Balance of mind and body towards a feel-good state. Hormone balance is esssential; it affects mood, sleep, drive and organ function

We need a balance of activity and rest. Working hard, stress, and expending lots of energy can only be enjoyed given adequate sleep to assure our body the ability of recover and rest. If you do not recover, your body cannot build and repair. The same applies to our hormones and endocrine system: if one component is off, it creates stress on other systems; throwing your system out of equilibrium, and unable to recover.

Teal is the color that traditionally is symbolic with balance, serenity and equilibrium in nature. Look for the teal SIMPLE icons throughout our programming and departments. If you feel tired and “just off” and fatigued it could be a sign of hormone imbalance. We can help.



Purge toxins by sweating, urinating and eliminating waste, purges and purifies the system.

To enable our bodies to eliminate waste, we need undamaged and healthy physical systems including a healthy GI tract, endocrine system, and nervous system to name a few.

Blue is the color that traditionally symbolizes cleanliness, and the sky and sea; the purifiers of our planet Look for the blue SIMPLE icons though out our programming and departments. If you are experiencing overall discomfort, or suspect your system is not working quite right, we can help!



Community, love, laughter, friendship, family, sense of place, and belonging.

We all must feel like we belong somewhere; that we are a part of something bigger. This awareness can come from anywhere. We might realize we belong in a remote spot in nature, while others may find this in the center of a bustling city. Community is what connects us, makes us whole, and makes us healthy.

Burgundy is the color of the heart, of love, community and family. Look for the burgundy SIMPLE icons throughout our programming and departments. SIMPLE is your home, your community of friends and Wellness Coaches centered on supporting you and your success. Your belong here!