Hi, I’m Dr. Samantha Durland, founder of Simple, a wellness company designed to help people be well. I have board certification in anti-aging and regenerative medicine as well as metabolic and nutritional medicine. And today, I want to talk about relationships. Specifically, I’d like to talk about how the physiology of your body impacts your relationships. Now love- relationships- require energy.

Without energy, the love relationships do not flourish. If the pressures, tensions ,or demands of life are such that your energy level drops, then with that you will notice that your love relationship could suffer. The reason that your desire to express love diminishes is because your body is naturally defending you from things that take energy, so that you can survive.

It’s actually that simple. Now, we all express love in four basic ways, or languages. There’s time, acts of service, physical touch, and words of affirmation. Now, for example, if an individual perceives physical touch as love, then if your partner stops touching you as much, you may perceive then that person does not love you anymore.

But let’s contemplate this for a moment. Perhaps all that’s happening is that your mate is low on energy. The reason for that energy loss may be, for example, hormones, metabolic dysfunction, stress, and even more. One possible solution for this is just ask the body why it’s low on energy, then fix it.
The energy is restored. So, here it’s simple. We asked the body, metabolically, what’s going on? We do blood work. We talk about your past life. We talk about your current life, and we listen. From here, we make a picture of how you got here and develop a comprehensive plan to help give the body back energy. And, in turn, restore your relationships. It in fact, can actually be that simple.