April 9, 2018

Topic:  The Simple 7 Principle: Your Ultimate Guide to Optimal Health

Simple 7….

Honestly, this came to be from years of listening to folks; about the common things that I heard from every patient as they spoke. Every aspect of what Simple is has come from patients in the office honestly. I just had to learn to be present to hear what folks were saying.
I had to stop making it be what i thought it should be and then i just started to let it be what it is, and then i could see it just so much more clearly. It continues to grow, refine every day but the core principles remain:-we call the simple 7 our seven Es.

1. Energy: Movement, humans have to move. It is imperative to our life.

2. Elements: supplements: water, etc- we have to have the critical factors to assist our body functions.

3. Esteem: How we feel about ourselves. We all matter- if there are 20 million eggs in a woman’s ovary when she is born, and then there are over 100 million sperm per ejaculate….there is no way that each of us being born is not a miracle. We don’t have to try….we already are. If we believe this to be true (and i totally do)….it becomes super easy to see that we all matter- we don’t have to prove it to anyone….

4. Eating: We evolved in a cave- with dirt and eating animals, vegetables….If eating was so complicated, we would never have outlived the dinosaurs. Don’t make it too hard.

5. Equilibrium: This is balance of energy in and out. Our body needs energy from the world around us and we cannot be in a net negative balance. If we are, we get sick. Don’t forget that nature is super forgiving….you don’t have to get this perfect…Just be pretty good about it.

6. Eliminate: Sweat, have bowel movements. Get the “gooo out”. A healthy GI system is a must, and sweating is a natural way to detoxify. Again, if detoxification was so hard, we would have never out lived the dinosaurs. Every once in a while you can “detox” with supplements or foods if you’d like. This is just like cleaning the goo out of the gears of the liver. It just can help the engine run smoother.

7. Engagement: Community. we all have to feel like we belong. But, in that don’t feel like where you and another belong have to be the same. See- we are all individuals, but we are uniform in that we are human. By this- I mean that we all have common needs, but how we meet those needs is unique to us all. That is another super cool thing about us all. Do not make your reality what you think it should be, let it be what it is. Community can be with nature, with animals; with people…..it just is a need to feel like we belong somewhere.

This is the fundamental framework from which I work. There is so much more….this is just the start.

And, I love writing and sharing- it is so fun because I have no idea of whom is reading this, but I believe that I too am here for a reason. As I move forward in my crazy, CRAZY life, I just know that my purpose is to help folks find their best selves. That is what simple, what all of this is all about. I just love to see folks smile and learn to be present…learn to love and accept their awesomeness.