Dad blog: Value of not fearing failure- Failure is an opportunity to learn

I was thinking lately about life’s lessons that I would want to be sure that my children had learned before going out into this crazy world and as I age, I think one of the primary things that I would want them to know is the value of failure.

I have done many things in my life. It has been filled with many life’s lessons for sure (meaning that I have failed at so many things) – But, If I fear failure I never see the lesson in it. As I age I value failure and its opportunities so much more and fear it less- because failure is just something that has not worked.

It is not good. It is not bad- it is just something that did not work out. Instead of ruminating on it- i try to objectively evaluate as to why it happened, and then just don’t try to do it again. Failure is just an opportunity to change direction.

Failure only becomes something negative if we stop trying. So – pick yourself up. Celebrate that there was a learning opportunity- learn from it and change direction- something great will come from this at some time.

Be persistent. Be relentless. Laugh. Keep trying- eventually you will get there and maybe it was never about where you want to get…it was more about the journey in how you got there.