Mommy Love

There are many of types of moms: moms of dogs, moms of cats, moms of fish, and moms of humans. Sometimes, our loved ones are genetically linked to us. Many times we are moms to those whom we are not biologically related to. But, no matter what—we are moms.

Mommy love– is mommy love!

I have delivered countless babies, the human types. And thanks to my loving spouse, I have assisted in the canine world, as well. I am often asked how many I delivered, and it has been easily thousands. I have never taken a number, or counted any delivery as a number.

Each delivery was a unique experience. Each one was an honor. The most contagious sensation of being an obstetrician is the moment the baby comes out– their little eyes open up and look at you.

The babies are so perfect, honest, and pure. I would first look at them and close my eyes, only for a split second, to somehow convey to the little-one that this world can be a crazy place; but never to forget that they are loved.

And then, I would look up at the woman delivering. The look in their eyes was a look that I cannot describe, as if time stood still. It was a look of pure love. That look, that moment, is what kept me going.

I remember when my first son was born; that feeling before he came out. And then, I remember him on my stomach, thinking to myself: ‘HE IS SOOOOOOO COOL. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!’

I remember looking up at my husband, and time stood still. The look in his eyes was of pure peace and love. It is a look I have seen only in that moment. The world stopped. I was immersed in the highest-high known, because there was only pure love. There was nothing else…….

My second was a cesarean section, and a different type of experience; but beautiful none- the-less. I somehow got to take part in the creation of another being, and what an honor each is!

Grandma Love

When a patient later told me that grandma love is more than mommy love, I thought to myself: ‘Good thing that we get mommy love first, because if we skipped right to grandma love, the sheer feeling may just not be doable.’

Today, I had a grandma come in and tell me the story of holding her grand baby for the first time. She explained how the look on that beautiful baby’s face reminded her of the moment she held her son for the first time. It reminded me of the days when I first held my children. What an experience! What a moment that will be: to have the maturity of life’s journey, combined with the pure love of a new life– that one is bound to forever.

I just wanted to pass these thoughts on:

Let’s be thankful.

Close your eyes and feel the love.

Let yourself experience the moment.

Sometimes our birth experiences are a bit adventuresome (I have been a part of many), and I am thankful for both of mine. My first one was a vaginal delivery. My second was a c-section and born premature. I could not hold him for a couple of days. That was different…. It took me a while to let go of the fear that was associated with that whole experience. Now, I tell him every day how thankful I am to be his mom. I tell him I love him to outer space every day, as I tell my other son, the same…..

This Mother’s Day….lets be thankful.

Let’s be thankful for the opportunity to be a mom.