In Celebration of Global and National Running Week

Dr. Samantha Durland: “Running is My Zone”


Running is my ‘zone’… it is where I can stop my mind and feel the road.

“My favorite place is outside, alone with the trees, the sun and the birds, and just moving and feeling everything. When the day is hard I will jog and then it gets better; the stress of the day just falls away.

A run at the beginning of the day sets the tone for the morning, and can affect my overall outlook for the rest of the day.

On my run:   

I watch the sunrise.

And talk to the birds.

I thank the grass and the trees for all the oxygen they provide.

I feel very grateful for being able to be alive yet another day.

Running is not for everyone. Though, I believe it feeds some folks like me.  

It there is something on my mind, and it becomes less important when I stop, I surmise that it is not worth thinking about. If the thought is still present after the run, then I know it must matter.

Though you can run forever-running does not make you mobile.

I run to soothe my mind.

Running makes you tight; I need to stretch more.

Running helps me to be stronger.

With running for as long as I have, the repetitive motion is easy for my mind.

Running is my place to feel peaceful.

So, now I still run.

It is so great; I want to keep it in my life.

So…practice mobility…practice strength….

Love your body and love your journey….MOVE.