Blog: April 16, 2018

Topic: Weight Loss

 Dr. Samantha Durland answers the question:

What is the best way to lose weight?

I hear this all the time. Here is my response:

Your body is your ultimate warrior. We all only have one. We don’t get to choose it. Our frame, our height….we get to live inside it. No matter how tall or how short…all of our bodies have the power of nature within. If you spend your whole life trying to be someone different, you never get to celebrate the true potential in whom you are. Therefore, you can love your body and maximize its power. Or, you can fight with it and never win. After all, a fight with nature never goes well. A fight with nature on your side is amazingly powerful.

Your frame is nature’s protection. Nature would never hurt you- its sole job is to protect you from the day you are created until the day that you die.

Body fat is the body’s perception of need to protect the spirit within. If someone reports that they need to lose weight, to me I hear a body that is in need of de-stressing. I just try to listen and understand WHY the Body is doing it.