In the second episode of our new podcast series, Dr. Durland describes her approach to weight loss.

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m founder of simple a wellness company that’s designed to help people find their best sense of self. Today, I’d like to talk to you about weight loss. This is a concerned that pretty much the majority of patients that I see come in and want to talk about but I think about it a little differently and I kind of want to walk you through that thought process because I think it really means something and it’s important to me that everyone understands.

I want you again to go back and think about our symbol or symbol of the simple 7 which is the flower with you and the center and every Petal on that flower represents a different component of the seven things. So every time. I talk with a patient, I’m always thinking about that particular person as the center of their flower and the Seven Things surrounding them and I listened to their life and how they think and I start putting all of that into those categories and my mind. Now this is very important when you think about weight loss. Because when you think about the body the body is one of the most amazing things in this whole wide world. It has the power of nature inside of it and that body is built to protect the person within from the day. They’re created until the day they die. Now our body has been evolving over thousands of years and nature super amazing at what it does and it’s been refining its process for those thousands of years and it never does anything without purpose. Now nature wants us to be alive before it gives us a good day.

That’s another rule of Nature and and if nature believes that then it wants you to survive. Now in nature it’s about if you can have a survival benefit, that’s a good thing and a survival benefit in nature is if you can survive longer with less. Now close your eyes and think about being in the cave where your body evolved with me for a little while. Now if outside all the water leaves all the animals leave and it gets really cold and frosty does it make sense for you to carry a lot of muscle and not have much fat? I would say that that totally makes absolutely no sense. Now the reason it makes no sense is because you will die sooner because you require a lot of calories to be alive.
You see muscle burns calories. That doesn’t. Fat is a bank of energy that you can lay there and just kind of pull from everyday. So to Nature, fat is safe muscle is vulnerability. Now, we as human beings love to look in the mirror and see our muscle and reduce fat because it makes us have some sort of identity within ourselves, but nature sometimes is a different language.

So to me when I see increased body fat and reduce muscle mass. I know that your beautiful body is trying to tell us something. So what I do is I listen to your story. We kind of run a diagnostic of labs and things so that your beautiful biological body can tell us what it’s doing and then I look back to the simple 7.

And I try to figure out where maybe some things are off, but then really what I do is I focus on other areas of the petals of the circle that we could improve on because that is what speaks to your body because if your body thinks there’s a famine outside and we simply starve it and try to move it more.
We will never win. To me, that’s why 90% of weight loss plans fail. Why because it’s not speaking what your body wants and guess what your body always wins because it’s doing exactly its job with a power of nature and nature always wins. But if you work within the power of nature and you speak its language, then you unveil the power of nature to heal you. You also. Allow or nature also allows you to be a stronger leaner version of itself because it doesn’t think the world outside is so vulnerable. So, a lot of times when people come in and they say they want weight loss, again what I do is I go back to the simple 7 I think about you and the center I think about the Petals on the outside and I see where we can find energy in your body to help your body understand it’s a good day outside the cave. And then what it does is it starts letting you stand. It starts letting you move and then we work smarter not harder because nature is never about making life too hard or expending too many calories. That makes absolutely no sense to how nature works. So I honestly think a lot of times we overthink this. Being healthy being well is actually simple. Being healthy being well is in your DNA.
The answer to weight loss is already in you we just have to de-stress your body and your body lets you be the strongest leanest version of yourself. It’s that simple.

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