Revive Simple IV Therapy

Not just for hospitals any more!

IV therapy used in the hospital setting has helped countless numbers of people heal from surgery or serious illness. But this service is no longer confined to hospitals. At spas around the country, IV Therapy is helping people restore balance to their bodies and experience the benefits of being in optimal health. By receiving nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in an efficient manner, health and recovery are possible in less time than if taking the nutrients orally.

How it Works

Intravenous therapy is therapy that delivers liquid substances directly into a vein. IV Therapy is the fastest way to deliver medications and fluid replacement, because the circulation of the blood carries them throughout the body.

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Treatment & Results

Our IV Therapy begins with in-depth testing by our team. The only way to provide you with the exact nutrients you need is to completely understand the current condition of your body, any deficiencies you may be suffering, and what nutrients will restore health and reach your treatment goals as soon as possible. We give you access to dozens of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that, for instance, may act as anti-inflammatory agents or help in the creation of amino acids. We can help you achieve your goal, whether it be to speed up recovery from injury or surgery, best prepare you for an upcoming surgical procedure, treat chronic fatigue, or prepare for a challenging athletic competition.

Lay back, relax, and let nutrition and restoration flow!