Ask someone to define wellness and you will get a lot of different answers. To me, it is the balance of the body and the mind and the world that it lives in. To me, it is the simple 7 with you being right in the middle.

See, I am 44 years young and I believe that it is my life’s work to help people realize their best selves. Along the way I realized helping people be their best selves is a bigger job than I can do alone, and people need a lot more than what I could offer myself. Also, people need more than medicine. They need good food, movement, sweat, a healthy gastrointestinal system and more…..they also need a positive environment with a community that believes in helping people.

So, I set out on a journey with a team of folks. Along the way we have added more staff, more service lines, and more possibilities. We continue to grow and improve every day.

We set out to make a place that one just has to drive up with a will, come inside and we can help make it happen. We set it out to be inclusive, transparent and inviting – everyone wants to feel good.

Along the way, I have been told that it could not happen, that people could not come together in this way; that this was too big of a project.

Funny thing……The dry wall is up, and the address is. Birdie way.

You are invited to come and see what this is all about. Please join us for another wellness open house this Saturday, Jan. 25 at the Jayhawk Club Clubhouse from 1-4. Directions