Equilibrium is your balance of energy. It is a bit more abstract than the other Simple 7 principals, but super important. Now, for this hear me out and please read this whole thing. The more I do what I do, I realize this is one of the most important parts of the 7 principals for many of us.

Okay- so equilibrium is the balance of energy. This is energy that your body generates within itself, and energy that it gives away. Also, there is energy that it can take on from others.

Let’s break this down-

Energy within itself

This is the biological process that supports body function. I am talking about sex hormones, thyroid, glucose, metabolism and more. If for example, your thyroid is off, then your metabolism is off and your circle slows down, you feel tired, gain weight, etc.

Hormone therapy falls in this category. Middle age is when I get to see a lot of folks talking about all stages of life. The stress response is the same our whole life, but the way that you adjust to it differs with age and the situation that is dealt.

What happens during middle age is that the body starts aging and our reserve tank can get emptied. It is the first time that as a human being we are aware of the fact that our body cannot do it all by itself. It is uncomfortable. Certain hormones help our body recover and cope with stress. As they go lower or go up and down, it feels really weird, like we don’t have control. Kind of like someone is stepping on the gas, then stomping on the brake, and doing that over and over and we really have no clue why. It is normal to feel this way. You are not going crazy- it just feels that way. There are things that you can do about it. What I have come to learn is that for women and men- when our hormones are off we lack drive, focus, sleep and our body fat goes up. A biological ingredient to the stress response goes away and our body loses some gas. The decision to put it back in is a personal one. But, the mechanism of how it works is the same for every human.

Energy that is given away

This principle applies to those of us that express love though acts of service and value ourselves often by how great everyone else is doing at the expense of our own self. Ultimately, this perspective on life is not sustainable. Giving to ourselves can feel selfish at times- but it is NOT. It is a biological need to do the self helps- to do the maintenance. The human body cannot do it ALL on its own. It is okay to take care of yourself.

I use the airplane analogy with patients all the time- put your mask on first and then put it on your family. When I was in my 20s and 30s, I would have thought that this was not right. My body still had youth to accommodate for me to believe this way. But, now I know that I was just stealing from my bank in living life this way. It just needed a little help and that was all. If you are on the airplane and the masks fall and you try to put it on your child, they flail and you cannot get it on them, then you both will die. Put yours on quickly and mindfully (your body is actually very forgiving and just love it a little it gives you a lot) and then you can put the mask on even the flailing child really easily.

Energy that you take on from others

All of our bodies have energy within them. Some of us take on painful energy from others without knowing it and have done so our whole life. Have you ever stood in an elevator and had folks tell you their life story? Or get into conversations with an almost strangers that tells you really intense things about themselves? This can be because you take on their energy.

To the person giving you the energy, they don’t even know that you are doing it. It just feels good to them. They are getting rid of negativity and feeling more net positive. By being around you, they feel within themselves more balance. But the energy that they are giving, that they don’t know they are giving, is often times their pain. If you walk around all day taking on every person’s pain, you can get sick just from this. Now, many of you may not understand what I am actually saying and that is okay. BUT, many of you do know what I am saying. You have been this way your whole life and you get sick a lot because your body has a hard time healing. What I like to do with patients that have this happen to them, is learn that it is happening, and what they can do to not take on all the world’s problems. Meaning, I teach them and help them keep their sense of self. Once you learn to identify when this is happening, you will be mindful of what is happening.

Now, there are others of us that see everything and hear everything and are on sensory overload all the time. This can be exhausting. These folks search for noise and distraction on purpose so that the stimuli that they cannot control is filtered out. Without the noise, they feel that they are being pelted with stimuli every second and it is so exhausting. By controlling their environment, they get to control the rate of the stimuli and do not get so tired. Take away the controlled environment for these folks, and they can get a little irritable. Not because they are trying to be mean, but their brain cannot handle the rate of the stimuli that is being presented and it just wants to get away from it and have controlled order.

Remember what I said happens during middle age. As our body starts aging, our reserve tank can get emptied. This is the first time that as a human being we are aware of the fact that our body cannot do it all by itself. You may need help finding that equilibrium. You may need help finding your balance of energy. Hormones help our body recover and cope with stress. But hormones decline begins as early as your forties. Symptoms for both men and women of low hormone levels include fatigue, depression, lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, hair loss, weight gain, muscle atrophy, low energy levels, insomnia and anxiety to name a few. The benefits of hormone replacement therapy can be life changing. To discover whether, and to what degree, you suffer from hormone imbalance, I conduct specific laboratory testing. Patients tell me that finally they feel like themselves again. The balance is restored.

It’s simple, The Simple Hormone Program can help you feel like a younger version of yourself. To learn more, visit our website, call or email us.