To me, boxing is more than a sport. Countless hours of grueling training, overcoming injuries, and learning how to fuel my body for competition has taught me so much about the potential of my body and my mind. I have outlined a few of these lessons below:

  1. My body needs to rest in between rounds: If I fight for a long while without a break, I give all of my energy away, and I get tired. The human body does best with INTERVALS, or bursts of activity. Next, the body needs to rest to process, recover, and repeat. If I apply this principal to my life (e.g., exercising, working, thinking, etc.), I can be more productive and powerful as a human being.
  2. Learn how to take a punch – If I get hit, if I stop and get distracted, I am more vulnerable during the match. Instead, I use the impact to focus (in other words, I overrule my body’s stress response that tells me to run by standing up and fighting back). It’s better to focus on what is in front of you and move your body to avoid getting hit.
  3. Save punches, save energy. I don’t need to come out swinging and expend all of my energy to knock out my opponent. Instead, delivering hard punches is about relaxing the body for more power. This was one of the hardest lessons for me to learn. The more I relax, the more powerful I become and the less tired I am in motion AND in life.
  4. Fear weakens me, but with confidence . . . I will win. I’ll throw my hat into the ring and topple my opponent.

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