Hi, I’m Dr. Samantha Durland, founder of Simple. We are a wellness company designed to help people find their best sense of self. I am board certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, as well as fellowship-trained in nutritional and metabolic medicine. Today, I’m going to talk about women in perimenopause.

When we are born, our hormones are there for us – to maintain us. As we live our hormone values change. Particularly in women over the age of 35, they will start to notice changes as they enter into perimenopause. A lot of us may not realize that hormone changes go on for years before the actual cessation of menstrual flow. Many with these hormone changes experience an alteration in energy level, more issues with sleeping, increase body fat, as well as fatigue.

This can greatly affect how one interacts with the world around her. But you can do something about it! You do not have to accept the change in the way that you feel. This is what we do. We take blood work and combine this with a comprehensive interview. We figure out a way to offset the changes your body is experiencing.

We continue to monitor these changes as you age, because our body is dynamic. Our goal is always to help you feel like you are living your life – not merely surviving it.

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