(Digital Version) Fearless- A Journey in Learning to Let Go by Dr. Durland

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Follow Dr. Durland’s journey of self exploration where she discusses her experiences in Medical School & Residency, pregnancy, postpartum, lessons of love, cycles, menopause and aging.

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My name is Sam. I am a woman, a wife, a mother, and a doctor. My personal and medical journey has been a non-traditional exploration, uniting these roles to help others find individualized health, wellness and happiness. Why share this journey? My personal pilgrimage provides a method to my madness and a reason to my methods. It explains my patient approach, why my findings/theories are vital to share, and how given access to information, understanding and services, we can each be empowered to make life better. And if I have learned one thing, you have to take the journey, learn from mine and others, and take your own to see the beauty in it all. In turn you find the happiness you deserve to live your healthy, fearless life.

Samantha Durland, MD is board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology in addition to Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Durland was a OB/GYN doctor at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Lawrence KS until August 2015. Currently her private practice, Simple Wellness, includes gynecological services coupled with functional metabolic evaluation, medical exercise prescription, and dietary consulting. Her passion includes understanding patients and assisting them with their personal goals through expert, individualized care. She is married with two sons, lives in Lawrence and enjoys boxing and water sports.

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