These last years have been a journey in defining wellness. Wellness can mean many different things. To me now I believe the definition is balance. Balance is different at every stage of life and our ability to adjust helps life journey not be so hard.

We here at simple love to help folks find energy in their body. Paired with individual intent, energy can drive life forward in an amazing way.

I see folks all day long with the same concerns-

I can’t sleep,

I’m tired all the time,

I can’t remember or concentrate,

I can’t lose weight,

I have cravings,

and I am irritable.

And the list goes on. The sensation is the same in all of us- that is what makes us human. The reason that we are all there is what makes us all different- makes us individuals.

We at simple are literally a group of folks banded together to just help folks feel better. We do all things wellness inside and out.

This book-simple wellness- is a reference of our belief system. It is a guide when you are feeling off as to how to change some things so you can adjust and get back on track to this crazy journey we all call life.

These last years I come home at night and typed all these things to myself- this book is written with the assistance of Barbara Warner- she has a Ph.D. In journalism. While my mind jumps around so speedy, she took the thoughts and made them flow and I am just so honored to have worked with her.

Ultimately this book is written for you-for all of us. It is written out of love and a fundamental belief that the human body is so amazing, as is the person within.

And always remember if you don’t feel well- you aren’t alone. It is okay to expect that you can feel better. It is what I do every day. Your body is just talking to you. Listen, fix the problem- it will set you free.

I have included an excerpt below-

“Your body has been talking to you your whole life. Have you been listening? Never underestimate its power or that of the spirit it houses. Your body has the ultimate healing power and is built to heal itself, if given the opportunity. I believe that wellness is all about embracing that journey. We don’t have control over others or nature, but we have more control than we think over our mind, body and spirit.

The first third of life is about finding confidence in ourselves. The middle is about work, procreation or mastering a skill. And the last third is about pondering what it all has meant and coming to peace with our journey. Listening to our body becomes even more important as we age.

I want to remind you to keep in mind the importance of living in the present, of persistence, of love, of faith and of connection – because these are crucial to a successful wellness journey. Remember, true wellness is when your mind and body are in sync and you are honoring the uniqueness that is you, knowing that you share humanity with all.

Slow things down so you can be open to the messages that are there for you, so you can hear what your body wants. Presence is a peaceful place where each day is colorful and full of messages, if you are willing to see. You cannot look in the rear view mirror and be present. You cannot look too far forward and be present either. You have to look at now, at today.

At whatever age you are, whatever gender you are, remember that you matter. Take time for yourself and for your body’s maintenance. Your body is your ultimate warrior, but you must listen to it.

Believe in yourself – and even in something more than yourself. Believe you are here for a reason and that you have nothing to prove to anyone. You were born perfect and beautiful.  You are unique. Revel in that thought. Don’t worry about being like everyone else or trying to fit in. Celebrate who you are. Know that you matter, that everything matters.

Never give up on your wellness journey. It is miracle enough that you are alive. It is a miracle that there can always be some measure of improvement. It something has changed, your body is telling you to fix it. Learn what you need to fix, and fix it. You have nothing to fear from your body. It is your guide, your friend, your protector, your warrior. See it that way, and learn to love it rather than fear it. Flood it with energy, and it will lift you to great heights. And remember, your body is so forgiving that you only have to get it a little right, according to its genetic rule book.

Often we fear failure, but there really is no failure in wellness. The only failure is in never trying to adjust your direction when needed. Or in giving up and sinking. Choose to try again, using the wisdom of the changes you have made. Choose to stand up for your wellness. Every time something does not go your way, think of it as a force guiding you to turn. There is no failure in learning, growing and adjusting; there is only accumulated knowledge of the unique person that is you who is seeking to satisfy your needs. You can only fail yourself. And if you feel you have done that, forgive yourself as your body forgives you.”

(Durland, 2018, p. 46).

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