Men’s Wellness

You bring the intent and we give you the tools. Yes, it really is that SIMPLE.


Lean Out

Using laser lipo technology, we minimize areas of excess fat for instant results.

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Remove unwanted hair – from any and every – where!

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Bedroom Boost

Treatment for ED and sexual performance enhancements can be SIMPLE.

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GrowPro MAX

Hair regrowth made SIMPLE with a propriety procedure developed by Dr. Durland.

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Extrocorporeal Shock Wave Therapy helps break down soft tissue to help stimulate the body’s natural healing.

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Rugged & Dapper

Decrease fine lines or wrinkles.

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Gut Check

Heartburn or bloating?
Get a gut check with food allergy and sensitivity testing.

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The Simple Shop

We offer a range of supplements for all men’s needs.

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Grooming Guide

Repair damage from daily shaving with a medical grade, facial resurfacing treatment.

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Partner Wellness

Wellness is better together! Work with a partner and our team to achieve holistic health – together.

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Living life to the fullest, achieving ideal health, and getting to peak performance is what every guy wants. Call us today to get started on your individualized path to becoming the best, strongest version of you, no matter your age.