Ultimately I believe that love is the most regenerative energy to the human body. It truly is amazing and ultimately we are all searching for a connection in life.

There are the various love languages and what I often find is that in a relationship, one person may speak a language of love of physical touch and the other person may be speaking a love language of acts of service. I often describe one language as French and the other language as English. They both are languages but they are heard different.

If one party is stressed, they will recover best when hearing love. They will reach out for it. Well, if one person is physical touch they want to touch more.

If the other party is wanting acts of service, the fact that someone wants to touch them makes them irritable.

Therefore, we have a couple speaking French and English and not understanding why they are not communicating. We can mistake this as lack of love, when really it is just lack of communication.

In stressful situations, we all want the same thing- love and understanding. Learn the love languages of those around you. It helps.

Keep in mind that you may need help handling stress and expressing love regardless. Hormones help our body recover and cope with stress. But hormones decline begins as early as your forties. Symptoms for both men and women of low hormone levels include loss of libido and irritability. The benefits of hormone replacement therapy can be life changing for both partners. To discover whether, and to what degree, you suffer from hormone imbalance, I conduct specific laboratory testing. Patients tell me that finally they feel like themselves again. Thankfully, you have choices to help you balance love and stress. I’m here to help.

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