Elements (one of My Simple 7 principals) are the ingredients from the earth that our body needs to function its best. We need vitamins, minerals….after all, we are animals. Not all man made things are bad. Just like not all natural things are non-toxic. Everything has a place. In the middle is where we find the sweet spot. As humans, we get into trouble when we live too far one way than the other. Antibiotics have a place so that we don’t die from a bacteria that has invaded us if our body cannot fight it off. Likewise, if we feel like we are depressed because our thyroid is off and we simply take an antidepressant- then you never get better. Figure out the cause, and take what you need to get better.

There are lots of things in nature that have medicinal value. How could we have evolved over 100,000s of thousands of years without everything being interconnected? You CAN use herbal supplements as medicinal agents, you just have to understand how and dosing. Conventional medicine does not teach herbal supplements as medicinal agents. I used to avoid discussing supplements out of fear and lack of knowledge before getting more training and understanding. Now I talk about them all day long.

There are lots of places to get elements from- food, the sun, water. Sometimes our bodies have genetic alterations that make it more difficult to use the stuff in nature as it is, and in this case, supplement it. Elements are all around us, and our body is about moderation. If someone is taking 10 supplements a day, it just seems excessive to me. For some, this may be needed- but not for most of us. Our body is about moderation. Balance the Simple 7 and you do not have to overcompensate with supplements. Your body has and always will be more powerful than a pill. Sometimes it is easier to take a pill and think that it makes you better, than to change what is needed. I like to look inside the body and have it tell me what a person needs, and then supplement that. That simplifies the regime and is also measurable. You can watch the numbers change and people know that their body is getting better. It is so fun.

Proprietary blends can be confusing- you don’t know how much of what you are taking is in there. Supplements may not have the desired effect because it did not have the right strength of what you needed. Just be careful about this. Sometimes, it is because the manufacturer does not want you to know their secret sauce. Other times it is because they don’t want you to know that they put the most important expensive ingredient in there in such a small quantity that you thought you are getting a deal and going to get better- but really what is in there is a lot like fairy dust.

There are many supplement companies that are regulated so that you know what is in the tablet that you are taking. We only use and prescribe products that I know and trust what is in the supplements that we are giving folks. If we measure the desired outcome and it does not change, then I figure something else out. It really is that easy.

Dr. Durland juggling supplements.

I use supplements where needed and when needed. I often like starting with supplements as opposed to medication because there are just less side effects at times. But, likewise, I will prescribe medicine too if needed. Supplements can be used for a variety of conditions to help with the body’s maximal functions.

Here are some pearls of wisdom regarding supplements that I try to keep in mind:

  • While I could guess what supplements my body needs, I can also ask it with some lab tests. While many times labs can be expensive, I can help you find cost effective ways to get the information needed so that you can be assured what you NEED to take and not what you THINK that you need. It is frustrating to pay a lot of money for supplements that do not make a difference. Also, no one like to take a lot of pills. I check your blood work and actually MEASURE the effectiveness of what you are taking, and if it does not change levels then you need to change your treatment plan. To me, this is a SIMPLE approach.
  • Not all supplements are created equal. Make sure that the supplement that you are taking has undergone regulatory management. This insures that what think you are taking is actually what you are taking. If a supplement company is not regulated by some standard, there is no one looking to see if what they say is in the bottle actually is. If you are trying to get feeling better with a supplement that is not what it says it is- this is frustrating.

Ultimately I try to take the least amount of things to feel my best. I know that no supplements will take the place of my own accountability and responsibility.

In summary:

  • LIVE in moderation
  • Know that supplements can be used as medication
  • Remember, food contains elements- good and bad
  • The SUN is an element (Vitamin D)- it gives us energy. The elements connects us.

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