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“Energy is the most precious commodity- it is the ability to regenerate our body. It’s more precious than diamonds and more valuable than gold. Look more with your heart and trust in YOUR journey.” – Dr. Durland

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Join Us for Diva Day

It’s time to treat yourself! Simple Wellness presents Diva Day, September 28th. Experience either Laser Skin Resurfacing for the face or Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures for only $500/each. Or as a bonus, enjoy both for $950. CO2 Laser Resurfacing for your face helps...

50 Years of Living by Dr. Durland

I had a patient come in this week and it was this patient's 50th birthday. This person had gone through a significant medical event recently. It seemed as if the 50 year mark was met with a visual illusion of aging, illness and a downward slope of life along with a...

Laser Lipo with Fat Transfer by Dr. Durland

As I have mentioned in several Facebook Live sessions, I am super excited about my new laser fat removal and transfer procedure. Whether you are wanting to simply remove fat or find a natural alternative to synthetic fillers, the Simple BeautiFill™ in-office procedure...

The Laws of Nature by Dr. Durland

I was thinking this morning that the sun still comes up and sets, there are still thunderstorms and rainbows, the grass is growing, the trees are blowing, the birds are flying and the dogs are still barking. With all life events lately, there is a feeling of...

Our Connection by Dr. Durland

I am constantly amazed throughout my day just how connected we all are. I am inspired by my patients and the stories they share with me of their lives. This poem was written by a patient in my practice who said it was okay to share. I hope that her words connect with...

What is SIMPLE?

A company designed to teach fellow human beings how to achieve ultimate wellness; through a combination of mind, body, and spirit.

Why Simple?

Because our customized approach works! Thousands of people have regained wellness and have achieved their ideal health and fitness goals through working with Dr. Durland and her Wellness Team.

Who We Are

We are a community-minded facility with a client-centered approach. Our passion is grounded in the belief that ideal wellness is attainable. Our success is based on a SIMPLE philosophy: offer the most effective and customized treatments available, performed by our SIMPLE Wellness team.

What We Believe

We believe that each one of us are born with perfectly amazing rejuvenating and healing powers. When our Body, mind and spirit functions are balanced and in equilibrium, the Body is strengthened and moves towards ideal health.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

For Your Body

At SIMPLE, our goal is to help you discover the amazing healing powers of your own body. Your journey with us will be unique and customized. We provide a path based on 7 Principles, we call mySimple7; an ageless formula of balanced daily actions evolved from our caveman ancestors, which guaranteed our survival. Dr. Samantha Durland integrates fitness, nutritional counseling, stress management, and a unique blend of practice theory to heal and balance your system. We combine the best practices from Western medical theory, Functional wellness theory, Eastern homeopathic philosophy, and holistic concepts to create a customized plan for you.

For Your Mind

We offer many ways to help your mind find peace and improved mental wellness, while simultaneously strengthening your foundation. Stress breaks the body down and can cause myriad symptoms that disrupt the balance of your system. Our multi-pronged approach balances fitness, nutraceuticals, supplements and life-style coaching.

For your Spirit

Our Wellness team is focused to treat your spirit, and to bring back the kindergartener in all of us. Traditional medicine often treats symptoms that help the body and the mind, but not your soul. We support not only your health, but your life journey. We give you the tools to strengthen yourself from within, and we empower and encourage you ….to live.