Emotions are an important component to your body. They affect your well-being and energy. The feeling that you lack purpose, or understanding of your “perceived” purpose, can create a conflicting inner emotion.

I remember feeling this when I dropped my oldest son off at school, wondering how my conscious could understand that this was for the better good, but my body meanwhile was in sheer panic with palpitations and irritability. How can you be happy and sad, excited but scared, panicked but hopeful, tears with a smile, all at the same time? It’s confusing to your body both mentally and physically.

I have come to the belief that both my mind and my body have a voice, and the ability to talk to me. Both offer different lenses of life- but all valid and need to be heard. Denial of one emotion or another does not help either. Instead, sitting with the emotion and letting it pass through me has been the most helpful.

Although confusing as this may be, emotions really do make sense. I have felt conflicting emotions throughout my life and I’m sure many of you have also.

You are normal.


Put your feet on the ground and look to the sky.

Then breathe again.

Fighting emotion and denying emotion does not help. This internal fight keeps conflict trapped within that can fester and steal your energy.

Vitality of energy to me is the most valuable resource to man and the key to ultimate wellness.


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