I don’t really know what 50 is or what it should be- mid-life, mid way, mid-something, the big Five-0?

It certainly seems the time that we deal with kids leaving, parents aging and change.

We question our meaning, and our life trajectory. Are we doing it right? What is right anyway? I used to think that life was like the game of life. You just cruise along and folks jump in the car. Then you win. Well, all I have to say is that Hasbro did not prepare me for 50. Instead I think life is more like different Hasbro game- chutes and ladders. I climb and climb, only to slide and repeat. Life’s adventures do not ever stop coming at you. I am learning it is only how I choose to look at life’s adventures that I can change. I am embracing as long as I slide, I evaluate, learn and I pick myself up at the end of the slide. I’m still okay. I just need to keep going, to keep trying.

This is the time that our ovaries leave us. Not because our bodies do not love us, it’s just the opposite. Our body tells us that we do not need to procreate our eggs that have been with us our whole lives. So perhaps it is good that we do not make another human being with eggs that have been with us since we were born. However, this does not mean that we do not have value or worth. Our need to procreate is different than our need to regenerate. When our ovaries leave us, it feels like we are out of whack: our sleep, our vagina, our bladder all feel different. We have a hard time multitasking and remembering things. We usually do not like to talk about not remembering the same. It makes us feel that perhaps we are getting dementia which of course brings on anxiety and makes us super scared. Our faces change- our little girl inside is still the same girl she has always been and somehow, she looks in the mirror and wonders who in the heck is looking back at her.

Well- I just have to say as a gal that has spoken to thousands of individuals about these symptoms, no matter what the world and the internet say about aging….you are not crazy, you are human.

There are many great things that come along with being 50-

  • More wisdom
  • Caring a little less about what does not matter.
  • Becoming more aware of what does matter.
  • Starting to understand that in the big mix of life….you matter too.
  • That somehow a hug from a little one can all of the sudden fill you with a lot of amazing energy which makes you wonder what the heck just happened. That bolt of energy was love and love is the most regenerative energy around.





Let go


Be brave

Be daring



Maybe 50 is about figuring out whom you really are, not what you thought you were supposed to be.


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