Our skin is our biggest organ. Often times we think of it merely as a barrier to the outside world- but it is so much more- it serves lots of purposes including helping with temperature regulation, excretion of toxins, and is connected to function of all the body’s systems including the GI tract-

Skin is an excretory organ. If our GI tract is interrupted, often times our skin talks to us. We can break out in rashes, our hair has changes, and more.

Food allergies and sensitivies can be one example of a cause or skin rashes. If our skin is an excretory organ (and it is) and we are continually consuming a food that is irritating to our body (and we do at times) then it does not seem to be a big stretch of the mind to think that if my body wants to rid itself of an allergen, then it goes to the skin.

I see folks in the office for this on many occasions. While there can be many causes for rashes, food allergies and sensitivies are definitely one of the causes I see on a regular basis. I feel we have made this very complicated, but in fact think of it easily-

I hear frequently about avoid this food or that food and sometimes the list can be quite long. It seems undoable at times. Well, there are easy tests that are quite objective that you can do. Ask your body- check to see if you have a food allergy or sensitivity instead of guessing- what you and a family member or neighbor reacts to is independent to each of us. Instead of guessing, just ask your body, it will tell you- then eliminate it and you feel better. It is really that easy.

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