On a recent #WhyWednesday post, I had a great question: What are the top 5 things I can do to live a long life and keep mobility as long as possible? Great question!

There were so many thoughts that came to my mind and I attempted to give a succinct answer on the FB post. Honestly, I sit in the office all day and listen to patient after patient and I honestly feel that we are all saying the same thing.

-we want some peace and stillness

-we want to feel connected to ourselves emotionally and when we look in the mirror we want to see ourselves

-we want to understand

When we feel off we:

-cannot remember and concentrate

-we cannot sleep or do not feel rested

-we do not want to move as much or want to move all the time but realize that somehow we cannot out run the feeling

-we feel alone

-the world looks a little dark (or maybe a lot dark)

-it feels foggy in our minds and scary.

-at night our habits that we would like to change keep repeating themselves

-we gain weight

So realize if you happen to feel this way- while you may feel alone, you are not. You are human. You are on a life adventure. There are good times, there are hard times…and sometimes we find the beauty of the center of it all.

So…with the above in mind- when you feel stuck..try the following:

  1. Drink some water (our bodies like water)
  2. Feed your body- do not eat for your mind (it likes sugar and carbs)- eat for your body- veggies, proteins
  3. Move-do not make it hard. After all, we evolved in a cave with rocks and dirt.
  4. Sweat a little and make sure you have a good poop.
  5. Be adaptable, do not be fearful to change- the anxiety of change is the unknown- the benefit of the journey is confidence. With confidence there will be less fear. If you try and it did not go the way that you wanted…you did not fail- you just figured out a way that did not work. Try again, just a little different. Eventually you will find your way if you are passionate.

If you are ever still feeling stuck….just phone a friend, reach out for help. You are not alone,


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