I had a patient come in this week and it was this patient’s 50th birthday. This person had gone through a significant medical event recently. It seemed as if the 50 year mark was met with a visual illusion of aging, illness and a downward slope of life along with a fear of the unknown and fear of the human body.

I am writing to THIS person, and to all that can relate to this milestone.

What exactly is 50 years of living?

50 years of life experiences, of the fears, the unknown and the challenges. 50 years of overcoming, of persevering and 50 years of rising above the occasion. 50 years of wrinkles. 50 years of aches and pains.

50 years of learning. 50 years of walking, seeing, touching feeling. 50 years of growing a family, of helping others, of learning. 50 years of mastery and 50 years of trying.

50 years of a success- of learning, of growing and of reaching beyond. Your success is up to you, after all, you define your next 50 years. As your body ages, you become more aware of your journey. Yes, your body is aging, but the regenerative potential never leaves you. You keep living, growing, being. Aging happens to the body, not to the human spirit or that within. The person within becomes more mature throughout the journey and the lessons are painful but somehow beautiful at the same time..

Grow, get wrinkles, get some grey hairs. Feel the journey- giveback, smile, shrug off what does not matter and embrace what does.

Life is a journey- live it and feel it. We are biologically getting closer to the center of the earth but I feel that spiritually we grow closer to the sky. The space between the earth and the sky can feel hard to understand. So I do not waste too much time thinking about it.

Live. Love. Learn. Teach. Cry. Laugh. Be and teach others to be. Grow some grey hairs. Get some wrinkles. I call these life’s little tattoos. It is so easy to regenerate and rejuvenate the human body, but life, my friends, is the hard part. Live it.


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