I was thinking this morning about my 40s and the various chapters of my life. I would say that my 40s have been a decade of self reflection.

I believe that much of a woman’s life is spent giving out and trying to please others. We are filled with guilt and shame for entering our own needs into our lives. In my 40s, I felt as if I was continually running out of energy. I was running a way that I thought was right, but my body and my mind were telling me otherwise. As I start to slow down, I am able listen to it all. It has been a beautiful life lesson.

I listen to others all day long say the same thing and know that we are all in this together somehow. I have stopped asking so much why, and started being more accepting of whatever the journey is. We really are all striving for the same thing…peace within ourselves, our minds, and our lives.

Now, as I advance through the day with life’s wisdom, I ask myself the tough questions. I then pause to reflect and to find the courage to change. In change, I find a better balance of myself.

I have learned that this is not the easy path, but somehow it is the path that brings me peace. It all sounds so simple.


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