This weekend, I was sitting watching the sun rise and thinking about a woman’s perception of beauty.

I was thinking about the differing body types and shapes and how society’s idealization of shapes and sizes has varied throughout the years. From Victoria’s Secret models, to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, to Marilyn Monroe.

So, does the definition of beauty change with time? Or, are we looking for society to define it?

The point I am trying to make is that if we set our mind to focus on what is really beautiful, I do not believe that beauty ever changes. Beauty comes from within. Rather than thinking of beauty as trying to be someone else, think of it as being YOUR best self, whatever that is.

I hear so many patients that apologize to me for wanting facial aesthetics. Many feel that it is vain. I tell them that there is no shame in wanting to connect with themselves. There is never a need for apologies.

Be yourself.

Connect with yourself however you can.

You are beautiful no matter your shape or the era for which you are born.

Look in the mirror- you will see the most beautiful person looking back at you.


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