Although there is not a specific test to diagnose Breast Implant Illness (BII), the illness is real as many woman around the world will attest. Symptoms include: chronic pain, anxiety, headaches, hair loss, brain fog, joint pain and more. Patients report instant relief once their implants have been removed. Others with more severe symptoms require extensive detoxification and rebuilding of their immune system. At Simple Wellness, we believe the body is capable of amazing regeneration if given the chance.

The Simple Wellness detoxification and recovery program for patients suffering from symptoms related to breast implant illness begins after the explant procedure.

The process of detoxification is all about removing harmful substances from your body and assisting the body’s processes.

If there is a stimulus for the body to react against itself that can be removed, until it is removed we generally do not feel our best. If your body has started to react to the implant, detoxification is not effective until it is removed.

Detoxification can come in the means of several mechanisms- examples include:

– Liver detox

– Oral intake of supplements

– Lymphatic drainage

– Colonic cleansing

– Infrared sauna

– Nutritional fasting

– IV therapy to help infuse vitamins and flush out bad toxins …and more-

Our body has so many detoxification systems built into it to get rid of the toxins that are in us. Our kidneys, the liver, the GI system, and the skin are all means to help get rid of “goo” if you will.

I typically recommend that after explanting, allow the body to recover itself and then come in about a week or two later for evaluation.  We conduct a wellness blood panel- essentially asking the body where we can help with additional healing. With those results, we can get started on our detoxification and recovery quest with the implants successfully removed.

Breast implant induced toxicity affects each person differently and to varying levels. Patients often ask me how long the detoxification and recovery process will take. Although some research sites and various information suggests one month of detox for every year you have had implants, I find that it varies greatly from person to person. Mainly because the body needs healthy organs to utilize its own built in detoxification and recovery system.

Also, we address the emotional strain that the explant journey puts on us. How we feel about our bodies, ourselves, and the long journey to making this decision and then the actual removal of the implants themselves, is extremely complex. This can often times be just as hard if not harder than helping the body to recover. The body wants to heal and let go of things quicker than our minds. The amount of energy it takes to work through these concepts mentally can be so much harder. We are very aware of the importance of mental recovery. Women need to feel supported and have an outlet to discuss their journey and assist them with processing through all of this.

Bottom line, breast implant illness is real and can affect the entire body, not just the immediate area of the breast. Detoxification and recovery is really a combination of both mind and body to again connect to one another and find our true self. As my life and practice has continued, I have come to realize that our bodies are truly amazing. We are composed of a network of amazing cells and systems linked and honed- perfect by nature. Symptoms are a ‘voice’ your Body has for a process underneath. You fix the ‘why’ the symptoms are there, and you can then use the strength of nature to help you get better. In my practice, I have learned to listen to, and trust nature.

Simple Wellness can help in your overall wellness journey. Contact us to schedule your appointment. My Wellness Team will evaluate your specific metabolic make-up, we then apply that knowledge to create your customized detoxification and recovery plan. In some cases, virtual technology allows us to treat patients remotely. Over time, your Body can restore optimal cell function; as nature intended it to do. I have proven that there are seven SIMPLE wellness functions. I have named them My Simple 7. When these functions are supported, maintained, and held in equilibrium, the Body can repair itself. To learn more about Breast Implant Illness, I have included more information and a list of valuable resources (including links to amazing support groups) to help in your personal journey on my website- <<< visit page.

Our bodies and minds are capable of amazing and powerful self-healing and rejuvenation. We can help steer your body function back to the ideal health you were born to attain. Please contact us here or call 515-444-3275 with any questions regarding our Breast Implant Illness Recovery Program.


Dr Samantha Durland PodcastDr. Samantha Durland is board-certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Anti-aging and Regenerative medicine and Fellowship trained in Metabolic and Nutritional medicine. Learn more about her ground-breaking philosophy and prescription for wellness- My Simple 7– daily actions to thrive in a strong, healthy and peaceful body here. Learn more about my Simple Weight Loss Plan (which includes the Simple 7-day Detox) and my Simple Hormone Plan to feel like a younger version of yourself.