Our Body is in a dynamic state of adjustment- trying to find balance between energy inside the body, and the energy the body gives away. There are so many variables to the state……our thoughts, our family, our friends, the past, the future, as well as the current state of our biological processes. Our body is taking all of this in, computing it and trying to find a balance in it all.

If at the end of this math equation (energy in/energy out) you are positive…then you feel more in control.

If at the end of the math equation you are net negative (giving more out than you take in), you feel out of control. But are you really out of control? You feel out of control because you do not have free will of where to put the energy. Simply put, you have no energy to give. That is all.

The math equation includes how you think and whom you give your energy to. This is a choice. You are the most powerful part of your energy.

The body’s rules are actually quite simple. Give it more energy to deal with…and it returns it back to you.

Give the body less energy to deal with…and it protects you. It takes your free will, it slows you down, it does everything it can to keep you alive- after all, that is its job.

I guess the point I am trying to make is be mindful of your energy. It is precious.


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