As I was sitting on a yoga block looking out at the snow, I realized my mind had tired of working. I just wanted to take a few deep breaths and appreciate the beauty of the sunset. Then I started reflecting upon my week and my conversations. I was thinking about a young man that I had the honor to connect with last week.

We were talking about file folders. Not computer file folders, but the file folders of our brain. The places that our brain files the memories of our life experiences. As our brain sifts through emotions, we stumble upon a positive memory that brings us peace, calmness and a smile.

When we run across a negative file in our mind’s database, it tells us to leave that one alone. Those negative files can often times bring anxiety and fear. After all, your body wants to protect you from pain. We must realize that the organizational system of our mind’s file folders depends on the lens of our day and your state of mind. We can actually choose how to label each experience.

Now, when we feel stirred or anxious, our brain starts swirling. I encouraged that patient last week to sit still with that anxious thought, as if he was sitting in a snow globe. The more you run around, the more the snow stirs. Try sitting still for just a bit. Let the snow settle. Then open a file from the positive memories folder of your mind and see what happens. This concept is similar to the idea of not making a decision until you “sleep on it”. This gives your mind a chance to reboot.

I had that patient last week pull the file folder from the moment that his children were born. Not the moment that we fear taking care and being responsible for them. Not the moment of sleepless, endless nights. No, the moment when we look at their wet, naked, beautiful little selves and think how in the heck did I help with half of this amazing person.

That memory is filed under the >Unbelievable>Beautiful>Love folder of your mind. You can’t miss it.

I am so fortunate to have a huge folder filled with thousands of files in which I have had the honor and privilege to watch those little ones come into this world. When I pull up those memory files, I see the exact moment of stillness, of complete love and of celebration. The exact moment when the snow globe stops moving and everything becomes clear.

This particular file folder memory is one that many of us use. When you feel stirred in your own snow globe, just open a file folder from the “Love” folder and…smile.

Realize that you and your brain, and your body are all in it together.

Remember simple things like the sun is bright.

And remember to be thankful.

The world just gets a little brighter that way.


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