How well do you REALLY know your breasts? Think about the last time you actually looked at and touched your breasts. Not just some quick suds action with a bar of soap, but actually thought about what you were feeling all around each breast.

Take time to not only listen to your body but look at it and feel it also. Become familiar with the beautiful story your breasts tell about your journey through life. There are a lot of recommendations about how and when to do a breast self-examination. The shower is a great place to regularly examine your breasts and the rest of your body as well. Listen to what your body is saying. Your body will communicate problems to you with lumps, bumps, redness, discharge, soreness, a rash or swelling. Make this self-exploration a normal part of your cleansing routine. You should know your body inside and out better than anyone. Take the time to really know your body intimately so you can tell if anything feels or looks different. And always remember, your body loves you and wants to protect you. Learn the signs of distress. Be sure and listen to, look at and feel your body daily.

So tonight, give yourself little extra time in the shower (or bath) to REALLY get to know your breast and your entire body. Go ahead, touch them, feel them, look at them and love them. It’s time to really get to know your breasts.


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