Recently, I was watching my family and reflecting on my role as a mother and as a wife.

I thought this post would be nice if this was Mother’s Day- a time to share a motherly epiphany. But instead, like so many other things in life, my epiphany does not come at the perfectly timed moment. Rather it comes at random ones- doing dishes, on the way home from the grocery store or in the shower. How funny life’s reality actually plays out in the unplanned rather than in the planned.

My epiphany is about glue. Not the white school glue, but the super strong glue. Well, Mom’s are that super strong glue of the family. However, being the glue take its toll sometimes. Between the expectation of society and of ourselves we forget to see the best parts in the simplicity of life, in the beauty and in the honor.

Rejoice in being the glue between black and white, or the glue between aging and youth or even the glue between father and son.

I was able to see my role as the glue from the lens of thankfulness. I get this amazing opportunity to be the glue. I also realized that it is not stressful looking through this lens. It is actually an outside reflection looking inward. This view is rather peaceful and loving. As moms we have a great opportunity to be the glue. Instead of feeling tired, I am feeling grateful from a different angle.


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