I am just sitting here drinking my GI Blend shake and reflecting on my week. I get the honor every day of sitting and listening and talking with amazing people. I am once again inspired by my patients and how I get to be part of their journey.

I got to listen to the story of such a kind man that has had so much pain and has been trying to keep it in. He did not want to share that pain with the world around him. We talked about many things, including that it is okay to let go and let people in.

I got to talk with a mother and daughter going through difficult times, and how they have helped each other find their way.

I got to talk to this amazing artist about creativity and expression.

After my amazing week, I just wanted you all to know how thankful I am. I am thankful to be here with you, to listen, and to inspire.

I really do not want to go any faster, or any slower. I just want to be present in the moment with you all.


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