I was taking a bit of a walk last evening and thinking about my intention and awareness. It is so easy to get distracted by what comes in front of me, and not be aware that it is my choice where to give my awareness. I look at my brain as the interface between my spirit and my body. It is taking in all of the stimuli and trying to make sense of it. It is also trying to connect my spirit and my body together all the time. It is trying to find the middle ground for us both-so the body and the spirit find balance within each other.

All of this processing takes energy. It is easy for my brain to get processing on something and sometimes it can get stuck. It gets stuck because it does not know what to do with it. It strives to find a framework to put it in to make sense. If the brain does not have the framework it spins. If it has never done it before it spins too.

Think of it like a toilet- a leaky toilet runs and runs. It uses lots of water. All it is trying to do is seal up so that it can fill. Our brain is the same way. If it spins for a long time on the same concept, it gets stuck. It starts losing energy for the system.

This means that if our brain gets stuck on a concept that it is having a hard time resolving,  it can take a lot of energy. It makes us tired. With mind fatigue, we don’t move as much. We feel ill at ease, we push people away. We could question what the heck is going on, but really it is just our brain processing. Like a leaky toilet or facet, it cannot turn itself off until it fixes the leak.

Think now of all the things that we are trying to process through right now- The polarity of politics. The arguments. The fear of illness. Masks education. Fear of not being able to provide for our families. Coping with illness. Isolation.

When we think of life this way, I understand more why we are all feeling so ill at ease. We have never done this before. There is no mastery in the current situation. Our mind thus spins and spins and it is exhausting.

So, I have chosen to try to be more intentional about my energy. Not to focus on things that I cannot change. Instead, focus my brain on what I can change.

I cannot settle political unrest.

I cannot make illness go away.

I cannot find mastery in something that I have not done until I walk through it, learn about it, and adjust.

But I can-

Love myself.

Love my family.

Eat some good food.

Move a little.

Find a smile and laugh.

Take a deep breath.

Be thankful.

Practice gratefulness.

Tell someone I love them.

In these practices, the world chaos does not change, but my perspective of the world around me does. Be intentional with your energy. Be intentional with your awareness. Ultimately it is your choice. You are so much more powerful than you think.


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