For some reason I have been reflecting a lot lately.

Instead of fear, for some reason, I feel hope. This hope is not from what I understand (in my mind), rather more from what I actually see.

I see people walking.

I see people helping each other.

I see families interacting.

I feel like the world has been forced to sit still.

At first it was really uncomfortable, it was fearful.

Now there are still so many uncertainties, but I have become tired of the arguing.

I have become tired of being afraid.

I am thankful for what matters- my family, my friends, my patients, connections and love.

I ask myself- where was I always running to in such a hurry?

Why was I so “busy”?

Maybe this forced water break in the marathon of life gives us an opportunity to reset, find time, and remember about what matters and where we should focus our energy.

Maybe we should not give our energy to the marathon of life, rather we should give it to the experience and opportunity along the way.


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