Well, my morning drive to the Iowa Office starts at about 4 am. This morning, I was filled with thankfulness and gratitude while enjoying the amazing sunrise. It was so beautiful and inspiring that I wanted to pass my thoughts on to you all.

This week has been another opportunity to walk with patients in their life journey and help along the way. I was really thankful this week for folks feeling comfortable with sharing emotions and feelings about themselves that they had held on to for so long. Communicating and talking about IT feels so much better than fearing IT and holding IT in, whatever the IT may be.

I talked a lot with folks about sex this week. A young woman was contemplating her first experience and a man with erectile function issues spoke about what he was experiencing. Another woman shared about vaginismus (a condition involving a muscle spasm in the pelvic floor muscles) and how IT had prevented her ability to be intimate for decades. There was another person that was talking more about the sexual experience itself with his significant other and how IT was burdening him. All these folks had been bothered by these issues for a long while and were feeling alone and fearful.

I just wanted you all to know that I am so thankful to be on this journey called life with you all. It is an honor to share this with you. And, we get to pair ourselves with the awesomeness of the human body and its regenerative power. Which means, once we get through the fear of IT, we can start regenerating and connecting with ourselves. I promise the outcome is SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!! Go ahead and think about your own Reflection Friday, whatever IT maybe. Happy Friday!!!


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