As I was walking last weekend, the concept of acceptance came to my mind. I began to realize that acceptance of a situation (that I find conflict with) does not mean that I am excusing the situation. Acceptance of my emotion of irritability and/or anxiety only allows me to let go of an emotion that is preventing my brain from understanding.

I started thinking that my anxiety and/or irritability is only a feeling that I get when my brain cannot process a concept. My brain simply does not reconcile with my way of thinking. Well, I can either change my thinking or realize that I merely do not think the same way as the other party. I cannot change the way that the other party thinks, that is up to them. In this simple thought, my brain immediately stops spinning (stirring) and I feel less irritated.

The spinning in my mind takes more energy away from me and from my ability to connect to the world around me like I would like to connect. It makes me more irritable with others of whom have nothing to do with the situation. Honestly life is too short to fight against myself. Energy of thought and motion is a precious commodity; it becomes more precious every day that I age.

Acceptance also does not mean that what was going on is okay or that my acceptance means that I do not care. Rather I now think of acceptance as a way to help my brain stop spinning, giving energy to things that I cannot change, and get on my way. With acceptance, I do not believe that it makes wrong things right if you will. It does not mean that if there was a bad thing that happened, my acceptance makes it somehow right.

No, acceptance only means that I am accepting an emotion. That is all.


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