I had an epiphany this morning while washing out my coffee cup (incidentally after meeting with Craig from Ortho Molecular Products I decided I should detox- and guess what, I do feel better). How beautiful the human body is. It’s so forgiving and always trying to regenerate. I constantly have to remind myself to not overthink things and continue to make my life more…SIMPLE.

Anyway, I was thinking about food. Food is a tricky thing for our minds.  Food brings us pleasure. Food can be a place we find love in being with and connecting with others. Food is also necessary for us to be alive. What an interesting conflicted emotion to feel that we have to starve ourselves to look better and lose that connection with others. I tell folks all the time that starvation can not be the answer. The problem is overeating the wrong foods, right? Maybe the problem is not food at all, maybe the problem is much more human.

On this detox I have been eating apples, taking my supplements and eating organic meats and veggies. I started thinking about about food in general and realized that eating this way is really a connection to the earth with less in between. Less processing, less sprays, less ingredients, just less in between us and the earth.

And, what have I learned by eating this way? I feel better.

We all as humans yearn for connection and love…really.

What an interesting concept that a more simplified food chain is a better connection with nature. That was just a beautiful thought to me on a early morning. It is not about anything else but this simple chain.

I love being in nature…walking, looking around. It is beautiful and it is so rejuvenating to do so. Nature feeds us, the sun feeds us.

I guess what I am trying to say is that this morning was the first time that I thought of eating like taking a walk. Eating is a means to connect and rejuvenate. I felt it was a beautiful thought and wanted to share.

The more I think like this, the more simple life becomes. Life (and eating) is so much easier if I just stop making it harder. Yes, it really is that SIMPLE.

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