Today I was looking at my body in the mirror. It has definitely seen less body fat and it has certainly seen more.

It has carried me through my teenage years, my 20’s, 2 pregnancies, a job change and plenty of stress. It wakes up every day and keeps moving along. It keeps carrying me throughout my journey.

I have jogged many, many miles, cried tears and laughed loud. I have felt pain and have been overwhelmed by joy.

It has been there with me- through all of it. It remembers the ups and downs just as I do, and it has been protecting me all the while.

Tonight I will look in the mirror and not think anything else, but love for it. Right in the moment- not yesterday, not tomorrow but right now. I will tell it thanks for carrying me. Thanks for loving me through it all. And thanks for not being anyone else’s body, but for being mine. ❤️


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