When I finally sat down last night, I wondered where the day went? Have you ever noticed that some days just feel different than others?

Yesterday the office was filled with people feeling overwhelmed from life’s challenges. People just needing a place to project and vent to folks that will listen, empathize and can relate to the world around us. The day was also sprinkled in with a few other folks just happy to get rid of some hair with laser hair removal. For me personally, I fell in line with the first group yesterday and this is my happy place to share with others that can relate.

My day included receiving a text from our oldest child telling me that he was thankful to come home in a couple of weeks which made me smile. It is so crazy that I remember feeling anxious at the gas pump when that very child was an infant. I was so happy just to pump gas for that short second and not worry about pacifiers, diapers and all the crying that goes along with being a parent. With that beautiful child away at college, I find myself wondering if I built enough forts, colored enough and spent enough time playing games. Looking back, who really cares how clean the toilets are. But back then, in that moment, I felt completely overwhelmed by life and by the fact that I just needed 30 seconds to breath. It really is amazing how time flies. The perspectives and lenses of life change over time also. I find myself now watching those commercials about becoming my parents and questioning if I am in fact becoming my parents. Sure enough, I’m packing the leftovers and wondering if I actually do hashtag…but, then I realize, I am not sure I even know what that means.

Just when I think I have it all reconciled in my head, my younger son informs me that I have sacrificed his own retirement by not allowing him to use Robin Hood and Cash App or even knowing what the heck it is.

It’s all in a day.

I come home, sit, take a breath and a shower. I think about things and remind myself how grateful I am to be a mom. I can’t say it enough- be thankful for life’s journey. And then realize that we are all on this journey together.

It is so easy to feel like you are the only one. It is so easy to feel alone. But, trust it from the girl that gets the opportunity and privilege to sit with each person in this space. We are ALL GOING THROUGH THIS TOGETHER. We are all just evolving into different versions of ourselves. The image that comes to mind is a beautiful butterfly coming out of these intense chrysalis. It is uncomfortable, but ultimately we get new wings when we emerge.

Breathe, believe, have patience, have courage AND when it feels lonely…reach out!

Now…on to another day.


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