People call this point in life many different things for many different reasons.

I think this mid life point may be the first time for some, that as their body ages, it just cannot sustain giving so much energy away and not getting some in return.

Let me explain.

Think of your body in 2 parts: spiritually and physically. Spiritually you are still the kindergartner that you always have been, you are still in there. Our spirit is timeless and does not age. It just has more life experience. Our spirit lives in this physical body- a body that has the regenerative capacity of nature. But, it is also subject to the rules of nature…meaning it ages.

It is a little weird for our timeless spirit to live in this body that ages.

Well, when our physical body starts aging, we feel for the first time that our “get out of jail free” card is leaving us.  Nature simply cannot absorb all the abuse that we do to the body without some degree of adjustment. It requires us to adjust, to understand and hear our body more so than nature can regenerate and rejuvenate.

If we do not change and adjust, our body just starts slowing down, to conserve energy for this super long journey that we call life. We stop moving as much, we may start eating and drinking more, our bodies change….and our relationships can change as well.

This is simply an opportunity- an amazing opportunity, to adjust and understand the beauty of our Body and its true power. Your body loves you. It has to, for the first 1/3 or so of life it is absorbing all the pain, all the hits, all the abuse and really never lets you know to what extent. But then, it starts running out of its own energy and just starts to need you to do a little more of your part. Really, that is all that is happening.

If along the way you have felt a lot of pain and are carrying it with you, then your body also wants you to let it go. But letting it go does not mean that it was okay or that it never happened. No, it merely means that your body wants you to let it go so that you have energy for the long journey. See, carrying painful thoughts and memories weight you down. Literally, they make you heavier your journey.

If you can find a means to process through your baggage, your journey is lighter and full of more joy. I just call this getting rid of stuff in your backpack. Think of it this way, if you are on a really long journey (is this not life?), it’s not smart to have a really heavy backpack. It takes a lot of energy to carry all of those extra items. And, if there are limited resources, the extra heavy backpack uses too much energy (and makes it harder) to get you where you want to go.

So, mid-life is a split in the road- an opportunity if you will- to turn left or to turn right. It is your choice what you do. But if you are having a hard time understanding what is going on to your physical self- this is the time to learn.

But, when you are at this fork in the road…take a pause. Find some energy, be mindful, think about the paths. It is so easy just to run away and go the easy way. But the easy way may not be the best journey for your experienced spirit.

Understandably, the physical body as it ages also changes how it looks- but the good news is your body is regenerative. If you work within its regenerative capacity, you can find yourself with the mindfulness of life’s journey with a regenerative capacity of nature found in your body. Wow. Contemplate this for a minute. Your experienced, true spirit taking advantage of your physical regenerative capacity!

True, your body can regenerate itself, but you must give this amazing machine the opportunity. Remember, your body love you and your skin has amazing regenerating properties. I like to think of the skin rejuvenating process in three ways. The process of rejuvenating the skin from the inside out (supplements, IV Therapy), the actual skin itself (skin care procedures) and from the outside in (topical products).

Our skin system is the biggest organ of the body. To give your body the best opportunity to regenerate itself from the inside out, your internal gut health is super important. Of course drinking water plays a huge role also. I also offer a rejuvenation skin supplement with a complete cocktail of nutrients to help your body regenerate from the inside including your GI health. Skin health and GI health must work in tandem or you will continue to have skin issues. A good example of this relationship is how food allergies affect your GI health which in turn can affect your skin health. There are also various skin procedures on the outside to help your skin regenerate, like Secret RF microneedling, HydraFacials, skin resurfacing, PRP shots, chemical peels, neurotoxins, the list goes on and on. Topical skin care products also can help aide in the regeneration of the skin also. There are tons of products out there on the market that make unrealistic claims. I recommend medical grade products so you know what you are getting.

So just remember, that as your physical body ages, it just cannot sustain giving so much energy away and not getting some in return. Show your body some love, because it will always love you back.


Dr Samantha Durland PodcastDr. Samantha Durland is board-certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Anti-aging and Regenerative medicine and Fellowship trained in Metabolic and Nutritional medicine. Learn more about her ground-breaking philosophy and prescription for wellness- My Simple 7– daily actions to thrive in a strong, healthy and peaceful body.